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Africa Hearts
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A MAATriarchial Mentoring Project for Mothers, Women & Girls 0 - 24 yrs    

About Our Work & Mission


How We're Helping

Africa Hearts is a mentoring project for 

Mothers, Women & Girls

0-5 and 13-24yrs 

A grassroots organisation, we help young women to overcome the multiple barriers of "raced" identities, i.e. black/brown/latino/mediterranean, or mixed heritages

What we offer is:

  • A judgement free space
  • A focus on healing & helping
  • Self agency that supports careers/business/finance/Learning
  • Social goals for self & family
  • Right Clinicians/Mentors for you


Get Involved

We are passionate about making Britain a better, happier place for "raced" mothers/women/girls, whom often suffer multiple inequalities that affect their self-esteem, or life choices

Your helping can fund our programmes that take them from being judged, to being Understood & Supported to:

  1. Develop positive identities 
  2. Break cycles of need/dependency (in lower income homes)
  3. Help them become more self-reliant
  4. Improve their socio-economic mobility
  5. Develop as "positive" Citizens

Our aims for mothers/women/girls doesn't just help their agency, it also improves their lives, their children's and communities' lives

So, Please donate generously, or offer:

Fundraising donations, your time, skills, or ask how you can train with us for a special award, or to run your own "Africa Hearts" MAATriarchal project


Thank You

Whether you help through donations, offering resources, volunteering, taking our training, or by spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, we thank you! Because we couldn't accomplish our goals without caring, community spirited supporters, ie friends, who understand the importance of helping women's equality in struggling, diverse, or mixed heritage communities here and abroad

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We are dedicated to improving young raced women's places in our communities. Your contribution today will make that  difference possible

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A Mentoring Programme for mothers, women and girls that heals and helps them to succeed for themselves.

Africa Hearts MAATriarchs


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

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